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Its A Knockout Assault Course

Up to 200ft long assault course!

Fundraising, Team Building Event or just for the fun, our 200ft it's a knock out assault course is great for ages 6 upwards. Starting with the climbing wall slide, on to donuts, squeeze yourself through the mangle, run in-between the biff bash pieces, onto crawling under the cargo net and over the giant hurdles. With an optional last piece the giant adrenalin drop where 'X' marks the spot, it feels a lot higher than it looks once your up there (honest)!

Price for the course without Adrenalin Drop is from £395 + VAT for the day, this is subject to times and delivery.

To have the full course including Adrenalin Drop with 3 hours supervision is from £495 + VAT subject to times and delivery.

Looking for something slightly smaller? We have two smaller versions avaialble:

Up to 120ft Assault Course and 50ft Assault Course

Price: From £395

Available Overnight for an extra £30

All Prices Subject to 20% VAT

Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors on Hard Surface

What does the price include and extra's:
The items will be delivered, set up and collected within the times arranged on booking. We supply power leads to run approx 25 meters. If no power is available on site we do offer generators, we would need 15 KVA to power the complete course. Drivable access is required to set up. When ordering the adrenalin drop supervision is included based on 3 hours, extra supervision can be arranged. We strongly advise the item to be set up on grass, please advise us otherwise.